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Tom Colicchio & Crafted Hospitality Present: Honeysuckle

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 2019-04-10 21:52
Monday, May 20, 2019 - 20:00
America: New York

Craft Private Dining Room
47 East 19th Street
New York

West Africa Cooks are listing this event called Tom Colicchio & Crafted Hospitality Present: Honeysuckle on 2019-05-20 19:00:00

Join Tom Colicchio & Crafted Hospitality for a pop-up dinner series in the Craft Private Dining Room. This series will offer a space where we can all connect more deeply through ideas and the universal experience of a shared meal.

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales at this dinner will go to support Weeksville Heritage Center, a multidisciplinary museum dedicated to preserving the history of the 19th century African American community of Weeksville, Brooklyn – one of America’s many free black communities.

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Honeysuckle represents the evolution of the food that has been a part of and sustained the embodiment of the black experience in America. Honeysuckle seeks to remove the framing of what soul/southern food is and to utilize the ingredients therein as tools and colors instead of cemented ideals.

These ingredients as tools frees them from expected standards and allows for improvisation and creativity. Improvisation has been one of the defining qualities of the black identity and imagination in that it has allowed for escape, freedom, art, and an individual aesthetic. Honeysuckle looks to agriculture as the nurturing foundation of this improvisation.    

Honeysuckle seeks its patrons to appreciate the artistic sensibilities of African American heritage and culture through food while simultaneously promoting the ideals of farming, sustainability and local economies through the lens of the perspective of the modern African American.



  • American Salami

    • Cured pork sausage, Sage, Corn Husk, Time, Wanda’s Hot Pepper Chow Chow

  • New York Oyster Stew circa 1826

    • Oysters, Cream, Thyme

  • Remnants On A South Philly Stoop

    • Crab, Sunflower seed, Garlic powder, Charred Lemon

  • Edna’s Meadow

    • Wild lettuces, Chervil vinaigrette

  • Bre’r Rabbit

    • Buttermilk fried rabbit, Sauce Beautiful

  • Honeysuckle Ice Cream

    • That’s it

  • The Rose

    • Sugar cane ash meringue, Blackberry, Candied rose


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