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World Food Awards Friday 2nd November 2012

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Sat, 2012-10-27 23:46
World Food Awards

This is big serious business, featuring top class acts, a host of celebrities, sports personalities and acclaimed chefs. Now in it's 4th year, will you be at The World Food Awards.

If you love West African cooking, work in West African food retail or an African restaurant you need to put this in your diary. It is at the Lancaster, London, UK on Friday 2nd November 2012.

West African Rice Pap

Submitted by West Africa Cooks on Wed, 2012-10-10 22:03
Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes Pamela Greene

Have you tried this simple recipe from Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes from Pamela Greene. Give Rice Pap a try. West African countries from Sierra Leone to Ghana and Nigeria this meal or thick drink is recognised as a favorite starter to social gatherings. The second recipe is Rice Pap (What's Cooking) from What's Cooking Today by Muriel Emekunle Davies.


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