Sierra Leonean And Liberian Supper Club In London 2015

By West Africa Cooks, 12 November, 2015

African-foodie time to go to supper clubs in London and review them. Here westafricacooks attended the Sierra Leonean And Liberian Supper Club Cham Cham @ HATCH Wednesday 11th November at 7.30pm @Hackney E9 East London,

The host for this event is Nims (Nimatu Owino). The food type is Sierra Leone and Liberian. The proceeds from some of the supper clubs was donated to an Ebola charity.

Review Evented By Westafricacooks

Everyone I was introduced to was friendly. I enjoyed the ginger beer the beans, cassava leaves and fish soup. I liked to that you introduced yourself and then talked about the type of food which you cooked for the supper club. I look forward to the next event.

African Food at Cham Cham


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