Liberian Jollof Rice

By West Africa Cooks, 4 July, 2011

Liberian jollof rice from West Africa

Yield amount
Yield units
Preparation time
30 minutes
Cooking time
1 hour, 30 minutes
Total time
2 hours

<p>Cut up chicken into 1 to 1/2 inch pieces. Peel your shrimp put to side and season with 1 tsp salt and 1 tsp seasoned salt and stir. Allow to stand for 15 minutes.<br />
Dice spam (or smoked turkey) into small (1/2 inch) pieces. The spam is probably salty enough so no need to add salt. Place in a bowl by itself.<br />
Spray the bottom of a large non-stick skillet with cooking oil spray. Turn burner on high. If you use regular oil, use a Tbs of oil and cook on medium high instead. </p>
<p>Add chicken, meat and shrimp to pan and stir around quickly with spoon until golden brown and cooked. take out and leave aside. <br />
Cool, clean and then spray the same skillet with cooking oil spray. Fry the spam until medium brown. If you are using smoked turkey, thto the bowl with meat, chicken, and shrimpere is no need to cook it any further. Add the spam . Set aside. </p><p>
<p>Clean out your skillet. Add your oil. <br />
Add Chop onions and frozen mixed vegetables. Sautee until the onions are cooked. <br />
Add tomatoes, mixed vegetables, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp seasoned salt, black pepper, green pepper (if you are using any) and 1 C water. Add the chicken, shrimp, meat and spam. Stir, cook on medium for 2 minutes. Remove from stove and set aside. <br />
Half-Cook Your Rice <br />
Put the raw rice in a deep pot and add water to about two inches above the level of the rice. Place pot and <strong>boil</strong> about 12 minutes. You need to cook the rice until it is half done. It should not be raw and it should not be fully cooked. Do not cook it soft or your Jollof Rice will be mushy, (unless you like mushy rice). Carefully pour rice through a strainer. Rinse with fresh water allowing water to drain from rice. Transfer rice to a large pan. Pre-heat oven to 350. Set timer to 30 minutes. Combine cabbage with rice in a large bowl. Mix well. Add sauce, a little at a time, to the rice mixture in the pan. <i><br />
Be careful not to add too much sauce!</i> <br />
Your rice should be covered with sauce, but not watery. You may not need to use all the sauce. You can add any remaining sauce later, while baking. Mix well and transfer to a large deep 13 x 9 inch aluminum baking pan or 2 large Pyrex dishes (8 x 11). Cover and seal with aluminum foil and place in oven. Set timer to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove from oven. Remove foil covering and carefully stir rice in pan. Replace foil cover and put back in oven. Bake another 15 minutes. Remove rice from oven again. Remove foil and test your Jollof Rice rice to see is it is done. <i>See Tips.</i> <br />
If it is hard, add any extra sauce and carefully mix in.
If you don't have any sauce left over, add a cook spoon of water. <br />
If you add more sauce or water, cover again with foil, and cook an additional 10 minutes. If not, move to the next step. When your rice is fully cooked (firm but not too soft), switch oven to Broil Hi. Remove foil covering, and broil for 5 minutes. This is to brown your rice. <br />
Stir rice again and broil another 2 minutes. Your rice should be ready now. </p>
<p>Remove pan from oven and enjoy your Jollof Rice with fried chicken and fried plantain.</p>


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