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"The Jewish Culinary Tapestry" with Faye Levy

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2017-06-06 21:11
Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 15:00
Pacific Palisades Library
861 Alma Real Dr
Pacific Palisades

Why do some Jews crave kugel and others hunger for bourekas?

For Shabbat morning, some Jews eat babka (a rich, sweet yeast-leavened cake), and others bake kubaneh (a Yemenite bread that bakes overnight). Some enjoy gefilte fish and matzo ball soup; others indulge in hraymeh (spicy fish) and harira (North African chickpea and lentil soup).

Join cookbook author and cooking columnist Faye Levy to discuss the culinary roots of the two main branches of Jewish culture–the Ashkenazi and the Sephardi, the main differences between these cuisines and how they have been evolving. Faye will talk about signature dishes and favorite ingredients of each culinary style.

Faye will also demonstrate how to prepare simple Ashkenazi and Sephardi appetizers that will be available for tasting.

Faye Levy and her husband Yakir Levy are food columnists of the Jerusalem Post and contributors to the Food Section of the Los Angeles Times. Faye Levy is the author of cookbooks in three languages, including five books on Jewish cooking. Her latest books are Feast from the Mideast, 1,000 Jewish Recipes and Healthy Cooking for the Jewish Home.

861 Alma Real Dr , Pacific Palisades, California

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