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Exhibition and Dinner at Ex Berlin

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 2017-06-12 13:46
Friday, July 14, 2017 - 20:00
Ex Berlin.
Zionskirchstraße 16

Exhibition and Dinner at Ex-Berlin.
Featuring works of Jan Bernstein, Iuri Kothe, Parusha Naidoo, Rebecca Lockwood, Robert Cabot and Stephanie Rittler 

“Chicken of the Brahmins”

Dinner cooked by Anastasia Sharova and Srikant Singh

At this story telling dinner you will learn about the diet of Indian Brahmins in its spiritual context, which testifies that “you are what you eat”.

The menu will feature culinary innovations of India from the last 100 years, where “meat imitation” has reached its perfection. India is a place where all religious beliefs and spiritual practices find its place, and it is reflected in its food, where any favourite treat will find a new form to suit every food philosophy. 



Gobi Manchurian (variation of Chicken Manchurian) / or how a Chinese chef in Kolkata pleased the Indian tastebuds

Chewy knots of cauliflower, concealed in golden corn batter and immersed into sweet-spicy-sour flavours of Indian and Chinese cuisine. An Indo-Chinese delicacy invented in the Chinese commune of Kolkata.


Spicy Faux Meat Nuggets served on a fermented Indian crepe

Soya "meatballs" in a flavourful gravy, enhanced with classic sweet and tangy Indian spices. Served on a dosa, a South-Indian "crepe" created from fermented rice and lentil batter. 


Anjeer barfi - a festive dry fruit sausage with crispy nut lard and cardamom infusion

A favourite festival dessert assembled from melted figs and dates and the crunchiness of nuts and white poppy seeds. Blended with the flavours of oriental sweets.

Srikant has been cooking since he was 15 years old - his family was continuously moving and he could learn from traditional kitchens all around India. While it wasn’t possible to take on cooking as a main profession, he kept experimenting with local ingredients and Indian spices and ran regular Supper Clubs in every country he lived (South Africa, New Zealand and later Germany). His dinners are based on traditional art of Indian cooking, featuring fresh local ingredients paired with the finest spices from around the world. Since 2014 Srikant is based in Germany and runs regular cooking workshops dedicated to Indian and ayurvedic cuisine and the art of using spices.

Anastasia was raised in Russia and then lived in South Africa, India and Germany, and watched how eating habits of entire generations have been changing. At the beginning of her professional career, she worked in international development - her work brought her closer to local communities, their lands and their cuisines. While traveling and researching, she realized that the way we produce and consume food impacts not only our individual health, but our cultures, environment and our future. Anastasia is a dedicated yoga practitioner and studied the Science of Ayurvedic Cooking in Mysore, India. 

In 2016 Anastasia and Srikant founded Happy Bellyfish (, a project that was born out of love and respect for food, cultures, environment and happy bellies. Happy Bellyfish promotes understanding of food and traditional diets, and makes necessary knowledge and cooking skills easy and fun. 

About the artists:

Iuri Kothe
Brazilian photographer and collage artist

Jan Bernstein 
1982 born in Berlin / Germany --- 2015 Gastprofessur at University of Art and Design in Halle / Germany, »Burg Giebichenstein« --- 2013 formed the collective „Quadrature“ --- 2010-2013 Lehrauftrag at University of Art and Design in Halle / Germany, »Burg Giebichenstein« --- 2010 graduation at University of Art and Design in Halle / Germany, »Burg Giebichenstein« --- 2007/2008 studies at the Escola d ́Art i Superior de Disseny de Valencia / Spain --- 2003-2010 studies at the University of Art and Design in Halle / Germany, »Burg Giebichenstein«

Parusha Naidoo
Born in Durban, South Africa in 1981. In 2003, Naidoo completed a BA in Media and Gender Studies, then lived in London for 7 years and Berlin for 3 years, working various jobs, including in magazine publishing then advertising, first in editorial, then in graphic design. In 2013, she became a vegan chef by accident after starting a South African themed vegan pop up restaurant in Berlin called Chakalaka. she returned to South Africa at the end of 2015 and now lives in Johannesburg as a designer/vegan chef/food activist.

Rebecca Lockwood (1977) is a Brazilian chef, journalist, performer and art professor in Parque Lage Visual Art School, in Rio. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Paris in 2001 and owned a restaurant called Abaporu, in Copacabana, which she recently sold. Has moved to Paris in 2016. Desires to start her Masters in Food and Art in 2017. Writes periodically for baBEL Búzios Magazine in her column called “Dando Sopa”. Last ariticle:

Roberto Cabot (1963) is a Franco-Brazilian artist that uses multiple techniques such oil painting and drawing to digital transmission of images, photography and installations. Cabot also produces texts and published articles in several countries and wrote essays on art and cultural issues. He is in important collections such as MASP SP, Deutsche Bank, Friesland Bank, Gilberto Chateaubriand - MAM-RJ, CAAM - Atlantic Center of Modern Art in Spain, among others. More info:

Stefanie Rittler instagram. stefanierittler


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Zionskirchstraße 16, 10119 Berlin

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