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Sunday Supper Benajin

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2017-08-10 19:53
Sunday, August 27, 2017 - 19:30
Monifa Dayo

Hey phenomenally beautiful people,

Its Sunday Supper!  This is when I get to go back to my roots in the most literal way...West African food! I'm craving some Benajin.  What is Benajin you ask? Benajin, also known as Jollof rice, is a lively rice dish typically cooked with a protein, vegetables and served with jus and citrus.  Its where the India Biryani came from and where the French risotto came from and where the Spanish paella came from and where the Southern jumbalaya came from.  Benajin is the ferternal twin sister to the national dish of Senegal, which is Chebujin.  Chebujin has a distinct red color to the rice making it a very popular and tasty dish throughout West Africa while Benajin's claim to fame is its pale brown color, coined as "white".  My late Gambian mother always made her Benajin with shrimp in the rice, making it a family treat that was revered by guests and friends alike.

As always I can't help but lend my California Cuisine techniques to the process brightening up this menu with fresh herbs, acid such as citrus and vinegar and the most important ingredient, LOVE. I'm feeling like deconstructing this dish a bit so everyone just trust me.  The meal is served family style to encourage the building of community and allow us all to get to know eachother.

This event is always offered at a lower price point as my way of standing solidly in a place of gratitude for my supporters.  Come and have a seat at the table and be my guest.

Sample Menu

Amuse: chef's choice

Tender greens with shallot citrus vinagrette

Benajin two ways:

Jollof rice, bay leaf, young yellow onion, thyme, habanero, palm oil

Poached vegetables in Benajin stock, white sweet potato, cabbage, okra, eggplant

Dessert: to be determined

Menu subject to change due to market availability.  All sales are final.  Not ADA accessible.  Address relased upon reservation confirmation.

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