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Welcoming the Harvest at Bleu & Fig

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Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 18:00
Bleu & Fig
4622 North High Street

Bleu and Fig & Asempe Kitchen


Welcoming the Harvest

Sunday October 22 at 5 P.M.

Around the world, what people eat is tied to the seasons. Various food movements in the West have glorified these traditions and sometimes reserved them for the epicures among us. In Accra, Ghana, everyone partakes of the fruits of the harvest and celebrate it in whatever way they can.

Chef Kuukua, of Accra, Ghana, invites you to her Ghanaian harvest table through the collaboration with Chef Brooke Kinsey of Bleu & Fig.

Tickets are $30 contained in which is the invite to sample from a smorgasbord of celebratory foods to be found at most harvest celebrations during the days when Chef Kuukua was growing up.


Salad: "An Homage to Heinz": the quintessential Ghanaian salad that has everything but the kitchen sink

Soup: Nkatsi Nkwan: A rich marrying of the art of curry with a nod to satay and brimming with goat and lamb, Asempe Kitchen does a Groundnut soup like none other.

Main Course: Egusi: A very popular traditional West African dish, Egusi comprises of spinach, melon seeds, and meat. The traditional African Mirepoix of ginger, onions, garlic, enhances the flavor as it all stews with tomatoes

Sides: Brodze (steamed ripe plantain) and Saffron Rice

Dessert: Traditional bread pudding made with our in-house bread, Tilly bread

Non-alcoholic aperitif: Sobolo (a delicate blend of ginger pulp and hibiscus flowers favored with cane sugar

You certainly won't regret embarking on this culinary adventure with us! 

*It is a celebration of the harvest. Chef Kuukua encourages an attitude of curiosity and exploration if one is to attend this dinner. Prior contact has to be made if any guest has dietary restrictions so accommodations can be attempted.

Tickets are available online at:


4622 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43214

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