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The Veggie Taste - presents - The Vegan Holiday Dinner (Tapas Style)

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Sunday, November 19, 2017 - 15:00
1505 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW
1505 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard Southwest

Have you recently changed your diet to Vegan, Plant Based, or Vegetarian?

Are you wondering what to do this Holiday season to prepare for Healthly Holiday Dishes?

Well, worry No More,  The Veggie Taste is here to help you along the way:-) 

This event will showcase Three Chefs and  A Raw Juicing Coach from the Atlanta Metro Area for you to experience their holiday creations. Chefs will   provide A Holiday Catering Menu and their Holiday Cooking Class Schedules to assist you in your journey. So you won't be tempted to fall off your perfect record of maintaining a Healthy Eating Lifestyle:-)

Tapas Purchases are made separately from individual chefs. 

Chefs for the Evening 

Queen Vida: 

Queen Vida is From Ghana West Africa And One Of The Queens From The Mankesim Region Of Ghana.l am an award recipient at State Capitol Of Georgia By The World Soul Food Museum As The World Queen Of Healthy Vegan Soul Food. l Attended St Johns Grammar School In Ghana And Traveled To Israel To Further My Education At The School Of The Prophets At Jerusalem Where l Learned More About Spirituality And Nutrition. l Have Been A Vegan For 41 Years. l Am An lnternational  Celebrity Vegan Chef, Fashion Designer Who Designed For Steve Wonder, Whitney Houston, Nelson Mandela, President Kuffour Of Ghana, Jamaine Jackson,Rita Marley And The I threes And Many More. l Am An Author, Multinational Speaker And An African Dance Instructor Just To Mention A Few. Years Ago I Was Selected By The Ghana Tourist Board As The Best Vegan Chef In The Country Of Ghana To Prepare Vegan Food For The First International United Nations World Tourism Day Ever Held In Africa, I Was Adjudged The Best. I Was Blessed To Help Manage Both Of The Eternity Restaurants In Tel Aviv In Israel. l Have Also Assisted In Training Some Of The Soul Vegetarian Workers ln Chicago, DC And Atl GA. l Opened A Vegan  Restuarant In Ghana And  Also Trained And Certified Some Of The Top Chefs In The Top Hotels. Every Country I Go To My Desire ls To Assist And Incorporate Their Cultural Dietary Standard And Life Style And Ability To Do The Certifications.  The following Are List Of People I Have Cooked For: United Nations,   The Governor Of The State Of Georgia Nathan Deals, Rita Marley, Lonnie Linsten Smith, Lisa Raye, John Sally Former NBA Basket Ball Player, Russell Simmons,Some Of The Members Of Agape International Spiritual Center including Dr Michael Beckwith And Wife, Some Of Eddie Longs Congregation  Kountry Wayne ,Lou Gosset JR,And Hundreds Of People Throughout The World. l Have Been On Ghana, Television Cooking Shows Teaching And Demonstrating Vegan Healthy Eating. My Passion ls To Assist ln Teaching Healthy Eating For Our Health Is Our Wealth And My Greatest Concern .Peace&Love

Creole Vegan :

 My quest to Vegan began in 1996. I was a Junior in High school and saw an episode on 20/20 about a Man who worked for a Meat Factory that  allowed them to mix spoiled ground meat with new ground meat. This was also the time of year for Lent. So I decided I would fast from meat. I continued to fast from meat until 1999 when I was a sophomore in College and grew tired of Ramen Noodles and Tuna. Going home to New Orleans from Atlanta built nostalgia for Creole food. I ate a piece of turkey and Gumbo and that led me back to eating meat again. Just poultry this time.  I later realized that poultry was also infected and injected. Choosing a mate that had been on the same quest to vegan as I was helped bring me back on path and I learned alot through reading how we should bot consume flesh and how our ancestors were Vegan. I began to let go all meat in 2007 and in 2008 I let go of fish. I learned for me it was better to slowly take away meat and fish and replace with vegetable based nutrients instead of going cold turkey. Still dissatisfied with my Vegan lifestyle I began cooking more at home instead of eating out and began to research new ways to season food and I became pleased however there was still something missing. Yet another holiday in New Orleans and nostalgia resonated but this time around my mom decided to a vegetable based Gumbo. It was delicious. She inspired me to veganize traditional recipes such as Gumbo, Etoufee and Crawfish pie and any meal that contained meat or seafood. This is how Creole Vegan began. From a constant Quest to become Vegan I found my Soul Awakening by connecting my New Orleans Culture to food. Creole Vegan gives you that missing ingredient, that flavor and comfort food and always with Heatlh and Love at the Center.

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1505 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30310

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