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NuDawn Kwanzaa Karamu Umoja

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Umoja Karamu, meaning "unity feast" in Swahili, is an African American celebration began in

1971 by Dr. Edward Sims, Jr. Its purpose is to instill solidarity, black values, and

appreciation of black heritage into black families. Prayers, libations to honor ancestors,

historical readings, and feasts mark observances.

The celebration is based on five periods of African life, each represented by a colour to be

used in the ceremony.

Prior to Slavery - the color black, represents black families in Africa before slavery

In Slavery - the color white, symbolizes the scattering of black families during slavery

Upon Emancipation - the color red, marks blacks' liberation from slavery

Struggle for Liberation - the color green, significances the struggle for civil rights and equality

Looking to the Future - the colour gold (or orange), points celebrants to hope for the future

The home observance of Umoja Karamu could proceed according to the following order:


Libation - liquid poured in honor of the family's ancestors

Period Presentations - reading the narratives, playing the music, and passing the food

Community observances are very similar, with the following additions:

Any elders present should share words of advice and encouragement at the conclusion of

the program.

Unused food should be distributed to the poor and homeless in the community.

During the ceremony, participants read narratives about each time period as music indicative

of the period is played. The five different colours are represented in the foods served in the


We will be having edutainment from Sola Storytelling for the whole family as well as


 Speaker to give a brief intro into the purpose of

Kwanzaa with observations from the 7 principles:

Umoja: Unity. To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

Kujichagulia: Self-Determination: ...

Ujima: Collective Work and Responsibility. ...

Ujamaa: Cooperative Economics. .

Nia: Purpose. ...

Kuumba: Creativity. ...

Imani: Faith. ...

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