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Around the World in 8 Teas

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 2018-01-22 04:53
Saturday, February 3, 2018 - 18:00
Cathedral of Learning
4200 Fifth Avenue

Quo Vadis has decided to go back to our roots! As one of the oldest clubs on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, Quo Vadis has a rich history that is tied with tea. Back when the club was just made up of women hostesses, we used to serve tea to guests before giving them tours of the nationality rooms. Now as a coed club with 30 rooms, we've decided to revist the old tradition. Come join us Friday or Saturday and we will take you around the world by talking about eight different countries' histories and traditions with tea. First we will give tours of the rooms involved which are: the Indian, Chinese, Syrian-Lebannon, African, Turkish, English, Russian, and Japanese. Then at the end of our tour, we will have samples of the teas we discussed along with a snack food that is consummed with the tea of those countries. We will also provide information as to where we got the teas so you can get them again in the future if you'd like. Tours leave every 15 minutes from 6-8:30PM on both Friday and Saturday of the 2nd and 3rd of February. Tickets on here are for reserving a spot on the tour! You can take your confirmation to pay for your ticket at the gift shop. Each tour has a maximum of 20 people. Adults are 8$ and anyone under 18 is 4$. Buy a ticket that fits the day and time that you like. We really hope to see you there and can't wait to share these rich cultural tradtions with you!



What are the Nationality Rooms?

The Nationality Rooms are special classrooms created and funded by local immigrant groups here in Pittsburgh. The project started in 1938 and continues to this day. Each Nationality Room is a functional classroom with a place for the teacher, students, and a blackboard. The only nationality rooms no longer used for class are the Syrian-Lebannon Room and the Early American Room. Each committee funds their room with their own money. As long as the room does not change the structure of the Cathedral itself the comittees can do whatever they would like within reason. Proposals for rooms are approved by the University but not modified or changed in anyway by the University. Once a classroom is dedicated it cannot be changed.

Why don't you have X Nationality Room?

There could be a couple reasons for this. First of all, the nationality in question may not have enough immigrants currently living in Pittsburgh. Secondly, the immigrant groups must come to the University in the interest of forming a committee. It could be possible that the group in question has no interest in doing so. We also have 4 prospective rooms in various stages of fundraising or possibly building. They are the Finnish, Philippine, Moroccan, and Iranian Rooms. 

How rooms are there?

We currently have 30 dedicated Nationality Rooms on the first and third floors of the Cathedral of Learning. We've chosen eight of them for this event.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Soldiers and Sailors parking garage on Bigelow Boulevard is open until midnight. There is also parallel parking on Forbes, Fifth, and Bigelow Boulevard. 


4200 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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