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Let's Cook! Senegal Edition

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2018-02-15 02:39
Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 18:00
The Demonstration Kitchen
376 Throop Avenue

Growing up, if you wanted to find out about oral history, you waited for Grandma to come home from the farm.  My numo (paternal grandmother) would sit us around the fire and will roast roots as she spun tales of our history that was not found in books.  She would talk about Cameroon's German War and how they all fought to maintain our ancestral lands.  How we migrated in search of a safe place and why the palace was moved.  We wanted to create a similar feeling in our own modern way talking history while we cook food.

Food has no demographics, and serves as the ideal way to bridge gaps and teach others about a new culture in a welcoming environment. It does not matter what nationality, religion, skin color or background; preparing and eating of food is something that we all have in common with one another. The sharing of food and recipes with others keeps people connected. When people gather together to prepare something, it isn't a meeting just to eat, but to talk, share, discuss and connect with each other. The preparation process prompts questions that share the character of cultural traditions, talk about experiences, and create memories. You can be involved no matter your skill level in the kitchen. Having food together will help participants know the presented African countries without the humdrum of listening to a lecture.

The countries on our list are Morocco - North Africa, Zambia - Southern Africa, Gabon - Central Africa, Senegal - West Africa and Tanzania - East Africa.  Our main aim is to present the national dishes of these nations in an easy to follow recipe format that will get participants connecting over how similar the foods from these countries are to American soul food and to help others identify the ingredients shared by other nations in their dishes.

So please come join us as we explore exotic taste without the visa fees.

376 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221

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