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Salon du Soir: Nurture YOU! - Benefit for ASD

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2018-02-18 04:03
Friday, March 2, 2018 - 20:30
The Rock Store
154 Harbord Street
M5S 1H2

Take Time for You! 

Many of us are rushed and hurried through our week...

How about taking time to slow down and relax with
* Yummy magical 'Moon Rocks' - indulgent energy balls to power you up! 
* Soothing tea and exotic snacks to make your body happy
* Luscious dance movements to get out of your mind and into your body - mix of African dance and yoga
* Blissful chakra opening with high-vibration light - be transported to other realms!
* Enchanting songs about the sun, moon, and women - a personal concert just for you! 

Be nurtured.  Be loved.  Be inspired.  

$33 of each ticket goes towards creating holistic programs for kids on the ASD spectrum.  

The Creators:

Selam Teclu, Magical Chef Extraordinaire! 
Selam is a multi-talented lady, with a graduate degree in environmental studies and nutrition communication, an honours degree in international studies, experience and certification as a holistic nutritionist and chef, training as a dancer - and much more!  There must be some magic in all the food she makes, because it is simply out of this world!  And it makes you feel so happy and light!   Selam loves to share her passion for healthy, delicious foooood! 

Daniella Theresia, Sublime Mezzo-Soprano
Daniella is our chocolately-voiced mezzo-soprano.  You just breathe and inhale the beauty.  She is also a power to be reckoned with, oh yes!  There's potent magic in that girl!  She has studied voice professionally, with a B.A in Music, and post-graduate private studies in Israel.  Lucky people that get to hear her sing up close!   Daniella sings professionally in Toronto and offers home concerts:  ask aboutThe Eternal

Linda Lonseth, Potent Lightworker and Creator
Linda is happiest when creating new ideas and playing with powerful light columns!  She is founder of The Lightwork School, and has a lot of fun doing workshops and playing with out-of-this-world individual sessions and blissful bodywork.  After completing a Masters in collaborative piano performance, she traipsed off to Bangkok for three years, and came back to teach high school in the TDSB. Teaching at an all-special-education high school with amazing kids has changed her focus in education, to helping kids develop their particular gifts and abilities in ways that are personalized, holistic, and hands-on.

Three Creators

The Lightwork School for Kids has, as its vision, a place where kids on the ASD spectrum can develop their individual gifts and talents in a holistic environment that includes cooking lessons, growing herbs and plants, hiking in nature, visiting and working on Costa Rican permaculture farms, integrating all the arts (dance, drama, music, visual art), vocal coaching, public speaking, PEMF sound balancing to optimize body health, working with crystals and light, developing their intuitive abilities, professional and community mentoring, working alongside seniors and adults in a multi-generational community, and contributing their love and light to the world.  They are a very precious part of this world's future.  We love them. 

154 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1H2

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