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African Foodie Trails - Footscray

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Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 11:30
Footscray Station
Hopkins St

East African cuisine has had influences from Indian, French, British, Egyptian and Turkish flavours to name a few. In a journey through the sub Saharan Africa, taste the blends of spices, in a bowl of fufu, a warm piece of Injera (Ethiopian bread) or matoki (lamb stew). Sudan the more common foods kisira (a type of pancake), rice, asida (ugali, or stiff porridge), and fish. In Ethiopia, typical foods would be injera/firfir, kichah (spiced pancake), dabo (bread), and bula (ensete, or stiff porridge). These are normally served with a variety of hot sauces (wat, or watt) on one large tray for the entire family.

We explore Footscray on our journey through Africa. With a population of over 5000 African decedents it is the perfect place to try some authentic bread, buy some berbere spices and get your hands on the original coffee from Ethiopia.

Get ready for an experience of a lifetime for your taste buds.

We guarantee you will be back for more!

Sampling African Cuisine at various African establishments.
Visit to a grocery shop and the opportunity to learn about the spices.
A Progressive 3 course Lunch at African Restaurants and cafes.

Hopkins St, Footscray, VIC 3011

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