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Ayurvedic Doshas: "EARTH, WIND, & FIRE"

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 20:00
Kerbey Lane Healing Arts

4-Week Series on Ayurvedic Healing through Vegan Soul Food with Austin local Chef Ahri Veda

"Sattva" is an Ayurvedic term that relates to foods that are pure, fresh, light, nourishing, tasty and give necessary energy to the body, helping to achieve balance.  Sattva & Soul combines African American soul food cuisine with the healing philosophy and 6 taste of India's Ayurvedic Cuisine.  Learn how these relate to your body/mind/spirit and how to properly balance according to your Doshas.  

Class 1 (May 15): INTRO

Class 2 (May 22): VATA

Class 3 (May 29): PITTA

Class 4 (June 05): KAPHA

$20 per class or $75 for all 4 classes

3703 KERBEY LANE, Austin, TX 78731

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