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Raw and Fermented Cooking Class

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 2018-06-05 13:35
Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 20:00
Traditional Lifestyle Creations
4999 Disston Drive
St. Cloud

In this class, you will learn to ferment beans, lentils and legumes and turn them into tasty, lectin-free fermented salsa and bean recipes. Learn to ferment grains and turn them into low-carb and virtually no-gluten breads, crackers and pastries that are easier to digest. Taste a batch of chutney, which is fermented fruits/nuts/spices...yummy! Have you ever made your own fermented ketchup? You will be able to after this class!

We have evidence of humans fermenting foods for the last 12,000 years:
1. Sumerians - beer. 
2. Tropics, fruit is placed in a hole in the ground to ferment.
3. Arctic, fish are fermented to the consistency of mush.
4. Africans - sorghum beer and fermented millet porridge. 
5. The Swiss eat fermented dairy products. 
6. The Scotch ferment oak cakes. 
7. The French love wine and cheese. 
8. Russians drink rye Kvass and Kombucha, fermented tea. 
9. Asians eat soy sauce, miso, sake, pickled ginger, daikon radish and other vegetables. 
10. The Japanese love umeboshi plums. 
11. Indonesians eat tempeh. 
12. Koreans love spicy kimchi.
13. Indians eat idli (fermented rice cakes), dosas (fermented lentil flatbread), chutneys and yogurt. 
14. Germans eat sauerkraut.

You will have the opportunity to make and take-home a batch of bean and corn salsa (there is no obligation to make a salsa, but it is an extra $5 to pay for the food if you want to do so, plus the cost of a fermentation kit). Bring your own fermentation kit if you already have one. Fermentation kits and jars will be available for purchase before class.

Cost of class:
$12 per person if paid-in-advance

$15 per person at-the-door

$10 for each additional person with either option. Pay for additional people at-the-door.

Please call 407-282-8635 to RSVP!


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