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Cooking Class with Chef Marie Guaragna

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 2018-07-07 13:10
Saturday, July 14, 2018 - 13:00
Paul's Kitchen and Cullen-ary Company
32882 Cedar Grove Rd

Learn to cook Sicilian with Chef Marie Guaragna. 

Sicilian Cuisine By Marie Guaragna

This course is all about Authentic Italian recipes infused with the freshest of ingredients together with Old World Sicilian roots. What’s most beloved about Sicilian cuisine is its diversity. While many regions of Italy have a very distinctive culinary heritage, Sicilian food shows ingredients, flavors and dishes from every culture and that’s a long list. Sicilian food shares many of the core tenets of broader Italian cuisine, but it also shares influences from Greek, Spanish, Arab, North African and French Food culture. Sicilian ingredients also hold the memories of the cultures that have dominated the island over the centuries.
You will learn about starter dishes, known as Antipasti, are one of the most important parts of Sicilian cuisine. Soups are also a common “Peasant food,” and vary by season including a variety of vegetables depending on the latest harvest. Pastas with Fish and vegetables is very prevalent in the Sicilian cuisine. No Sicilian meal is complete without “Secondi,” the main course that is typically shared after pasta. Sicilian dishes feature land-based animals like beef, pig, chicken and turkey although Fish is also common. Sicilians are famed for their sweets and one of the most famous Sicilian desserts is the Cannoli, filled with a diversity of flavors in that special cream.

32882 Cedar Grove Rd, Lewes, DE 19958

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