Cocoa Soup

Source: What's Cooking Today by Muriel Emekunle Davies
Prep time: 1 hourCooking time: 40 minutesTotal time: 1 2⁄3 hours


Using 2 pounds cocoa washed and fouk fouk (cow lung)


pig's trotter (/pig's tail/soft bones)
1 pound
fouk fouk (cow lung)
1⁄2 pint
groundnut oil
tomato puree (tin)
salt (to taste)
2 pints
2 pounds
cocoa (washed, peeled and cut into small/large pieces)
thyme (patmangi)


How to make Cocoa Soup?

1. Cut up pig's trotter/pig's tail/soft bones into suitable pieces and soak for one hour to remove excess salt.
2. Cut up meat and fouk fouk into a small pieces and put in a pot with pig's trotters etc, water, 1/8 pint groundnut oil and boil.
3. When tender remove meat etc., boil prepared cocoa in the liquid.
4. Add salt, ground onions and tomato puree, when cocoa is soft, add cooked meat, thyme and simmer for 5 minutes.
5. Serve with boiled rice.


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