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By West Africa Cooks, 30 September, 2015

Along the way there will be many people who wish to start up an African or Caribbean supperclub with a long term vision of creating a restaurant business. Here is a Question and Answer from an inspiring entrepreneur let's called her Terry with such an vision, although the vision has yet to be realised. Turning ideas into businesses is hard work requiring detailed planning and, because we’re not turning good plans into action, there’s no one to pave the way for the next generation behind us.

Networking And Business Planning

Maximise the success of your supperclub by networking and planning so in three years time you will be an expert and this will be a serious well known business. You will be one of the few doing it. If you wish to West Africa Cooks can provide you with a marketing plan which you can copy sections with small adjustments or additions into a business plan. You business plan can be used as evidence of how serious you are and financial funding.

Let's read on about one persons vision...

Nigerian Dining Secret Supper Club

How did it all start?

- I always loved food and Nigeria where I grew up has a variety of foods across the country, from the popular surya in the North, to Nkwobi (very soft succulent cow skin) in the East, Ewedu in the West. My sister and I had the idea.

Where are your family from?

I am Nigerian, I was born in London but consider myself British-Nigerian with a good fond memories of growing up in Nigeria from the food, people.

What African country do you visit the most and why should other people visit that country?

Nigeria, the people are vibrant and friendly, the food is lovely and fresh.

What food do you cook?

My favourite soup, okro with snails, smoked turkey and shaki and that goes brilliant with pounded yam.

Where can I find your food venture how do I get to try?

You can attend my meetup - Nigerian Dining Secret supper club. Comment: This group no longer exits. So what happened?

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Reasons For Not Starting A Business And What To Do

  • A lack of self-belief and low confidence is a big reason (You need to network, need mentors who will believe in you. Then you might just start to believe in yourself, too)
  • Lack of funding (You need a business and marketing plan, get your budget planning right)
  • Access to technology
  • Not having the right business skills (You need a business plan and a training plan)
  • You could not identify a role model running a similar business to the one you would like to step up

Let's finish with the Q&A..

What's your favourite African dish? and African drinks?

Goat pepper soup, suya, okro soup and poundo, Nkwobi and the Nigerian chapman drink to round it off.

What's your least favourite African dish?

Hmm, acha, it is a grain like couscous, but very bland.

How did you perfect your cooking tastes and style?

I practice, study recipes, try adding my personal touch, more spice, extra ingredients which i think may give the dish that extra zing!

Where would you like to see the foodie venture in the next five years?

The plan is to test run my meetup as a background to getting my restaurant up and running in the next three years. Comment: Was there a business plan? If so what happened?

How did you come up with the brand name and marketing style and come to use meetup?

I wanted to bring the concept of Nigerian dishes to the forefront after seeing the explosion of Mexican, Peruvian food in London. I went to Peru for a period of three weeks and was amazed how simple, fresh ingredients were transformed into delicious fare. It made me recall how cow skin in Nigeria is transformed into Nkwobi, a most delicious Nigerian delicacy which has to be eaten to be believed, it becomes a succulent dish of heavenly bliss.

What sort of obstacles have you come across whilst trying to realise your long term dream?

Getting the word out, getting enough PR to promote the meetup.

Any African heroes?

Yes, Nelson Mandela, my parents. Nki Iweka, Chef Afrik, Chef Fregz

Any chefs or cooks you look up to?

Nki Iweka, Chef Afrik, Chef Fregz.

Can you recommend any African cook books?

Quintessential Efik recipes: Food of Nigeria by Nky Iweka is my go to book presently.

Do you have a recipe we can share?

Pounded yam and Okro soup with crayfish, smoked turkey and African snails from my first meetup.

That is the end of the Q&A from Terry. Is the vision similar to yours?

We can take these words above and build on them our own visions for future success. Note some will fail to reach their goal in their set time frame, nevertheless we should think long term. Let's stand on the shoulders of those that tried. Good luck with your startup.

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Please contact for the action marketing plan. Finally Attend, support with your money and then give feedback to African and Caribbean foodie events where you can.

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