Chosan Supports World Jollof Rice Day 2016

By West Africa Cooks, 15 August, 2016

Happy World Jollof Rice Day! Chosan is an independent producer of a range of 100% natural, organic drinks bursting with the flavours of hibiscus and superfruit, baobab. Here at Chosan, we are big fans of West Africa’s most famous dish. Our own name ‘Chosan’ means cultural heritage in Wolof, the language that the very name jollof rice is derived from. There is much debate about the origins of jollof rice and as the name comes from the Senegambia region we heartily stake our claim! For the real dish nothing beats our national dishes Benechin/Chep Jen so we are quite happy for other West Africans to appropriate Jollof Rice.

We use authentic, time honoured recipes from The Gambia to create our non-alcoholic drinks. Our range of organic hibiscus drinks, inspired by Gambian wonjo, are the perfect match to drink alongside jollof rice. Made with healthy, 100% natural ingredients with no artificial additives, the drinks are available in three flavours - Pure Hibiscus, Hibiscus with Fiery Ginger, Hibiscus with Refreshing Mint.

Alongside the natural goodness of our drinks, Chosan also believes in contributing back and being an ethical company. Five pence from every bottle sold will go to African food producers to help improve their standard of living.

World Jollof Rice Day Drink Special Offer

To celebrate World Jollof Rice Day 2016 we have an exclusive special offer available on orders this from 22-28 August 2016. Save 25% on all orders of Chosan drinks, available with free delivery at

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For further information on Chosan visit the website.

Chosan Entrepreneurial Venture

Try Chosan with rum at your jollof party or create a cocktail and share your images online. The Chosan drink; preferential, exclusive and the chosen one for jollof rice. UK click on rum with Chosan and support UK entrepreneurial ventures.

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Mark the date August 22nd down in your African diary World Jollof Rice Day.

  • Use the hashtag #worldjollofriceday
  • Use the hashtag #jollofgate for outraged comments and jokes
  • Use #jollofricematters for social commentary
  • Use #jollofwars for competition between nations on social media

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