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What are the Catering Services And Cooking Courses at professional standard? The cooking of foods for others is a highly privileged.profession to be involvbed in. Are there any courses leading to a professional qualification? Here we list the best course for trusted professional to be aware of in regards to uplifting West African cooking. Under this page we would like to highlight cooking courses and or apprenticeships.

Where are the cooking courses for West African cooking? Traditionally cooking has been passed down from mother to child. In the age of strict hygiene, value and quality service. We wish to list here courses that students can take that raises the level of West African cooking to the highest of professional standards.

If you know of any courses that offer apprenticeships please send details including course name, location and price as we would like to answer the question where do you find a course in cooking West African food?. We shall feature your service here like:

  • Professional Cookery
  • Patisserie and confectionery
  • Culinary Arts
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Wines and Spirits
  • Personal License Holder
  • Restaurant Supervision
  • Hospitality

Highest Of Professional Standards

Given the importance of nurturing new talent in hospitality and food service West Africa Cooks – the UK’s only dedicated African Food, Recipes And Cooking website has launched Professional Standards training, education and talent. It’s an exciting new initiative to recognise and celebrate the rising stars and future leaders of our sector.

We are looking for professionals under the age of 30 who are already influencing or authorising key African cooking decisions.
We area about championiing decendants of Africa and the caribbean under 30 at your company who are senior persons on a path to becoming (or already are):

  • An Exec Chef
  • Head of Food
  • Development Chef
  • Ops Director
  • Head of Procurement
  • Head of Maintenance
  • Head of Facilities
  • or Head of Property

from fine dining restaurants to pubs and bars, from casual dining chains to fast food outlets, food-to-go operators, leisure venues, contract caterers and more.

We will be given VIP status, we will be celebrating their achievements in the future on this website.

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