Kele-Wele - Fried Seasoned Ripe Plantain

By West Africa Cooks, 4 July, 2017

This dishes are all traditional street snacks cooked on busy roads and sometimes served and sold through windows of commuting busy long distance buses. Plantains can now be found in many green grocers and supermarkets in ethnically diverse areas.

They cannot be eaten raw and generally treated like a potato. There are three main stages of ripeness, Green – Boil or mash, yellow – cut and fry and going black or black fritter or used in cakes. I love plantain, it’s an absolute staple in any Ghanaian home to be honest I could eat it three times a day every day.

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How to make Kele-Wele - Fried Seasoned Ripe Plantain?

1. Put oil in pan and heat
2. Medium dice the plantain
3. Add grated ginger, garlic, clove and chilly
4. Mix all ingredients well into the plantain and fry until golden brown
5. Serve fried plantains with sprinkling of groundnuts of peanuts


Adwoa Hagan-Mensah of Eatjollof

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