Minimi Jolloff Rice

By West Africa Cooks, 21 August, 2016

Jolloff rice is popular throughout West Africa, and we all loved Esther's version. One day she served it with goat, and Siobhan excitedly said "You mean minimi". She and Kathy had been teaching the 70+ kindergarten children, and had asked the children to draw a goat. The children were all chanting "minimi", which Kathy and Siobhan reasonably assumed meant "goat" in Tui. Feeling they were making a break through and now communicating with the children, they congratulated the children on their beautiful pictures of a "minimi", repeating the word constantly. Esther put Siobhan right, explaining that minimi actually means "I don't understand!"

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How to make Minimi Jolloff Rice?

Heat the oil in a frying pan and add the cubed meat seasoned with salt and pepper. Fry until brown. Remove the meat from the frying pan and place it in a large heavy based saucepan, with the stock. Simmer until the meat begins to soften. Add the onion, garlic and chili to the oil remaining in the frying pan, and fry until golden. Add the curry powder and nutmeg. Then add the tomatoes and tomato puree, cook for 2 minuted, then add to the cooked meat and stock.

Add the vegetables and cook for 10 minutes. Add the rice, stir and cover the pan with foil and a lid. Check occasionally and if necessary add more hot water. Cook for approximately 30 minutes until the rice has absorbed all the stock and is cooked.

Serve hot, garnished with parsley or coriander. Do not worry about the rice sticking to the bottom of the pan, this can even happen to Esther!


The Gyetiase Cook Book. Esther

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