Avocado Mousse

Source: E. Medford


Avocado Mousse for Mousse lovers


avocado pears (big ripe)
1 cup
black coffee (small cup strong)
tia maria (a little liqueur)
rum (a little liqueur)
granulated sugar


How to make Avocado Mousse?
1. Take the pulp out of the pear and mash it with a fork. Add a little sugar and mix it with a mixer.
2. Add coffee, liqueur and rum and keep mixing until well mixed.
3. Put the mousse, covered, for about one hour in the fridge.
4. Serving suggestion: You can put it in glasses which have been cooled beforehand with an ice block.
5. You can also put a little cream (whipped and fresh) on top of the mousse.


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