Fish Aspic

Source: Simone Gittens


Fish Aspic


0 pound
fish (4-5 lbs. (king fish is best), well seasoned)
0 can
V8 juice (medium)
hard boiled egg
0 package
0 can
maiedoire (medium (mixed vegetables))
pimento stuffed olives
capers (jar drained)


How to make Fish Aspic?

1. Season the V8 juice with onion powder, salt, pepper, Worchester sauce – over-season slightly.
2. Boil the egg and slice.
3. Decorate the bottom of a 5-6" cup mold with some sliced pieces of olive and egg.
4. Pour small amount of seasoned juice into 1 pk. of gelatine; melt with a little fish stock. Add rest of juice, chill for a while in the fridge, then pour over eggs and olives in mold and leave to set.
5. Meanwhile boil the fish in heavily seasoned water (use onions, celery, thyme, black and hot pepper, marjoram, salt and lime). Strain stock as court bouillion.
6. Flake fish and pack in mold with capers and maiedoire in layers.
7. Melt another packet of gelatine in plain cold water, then melt in 2 cups of the hot fish stock (court bouillion). Pour over fish in mold, cover the mold with plastic wrap and refrigerate until completely set.
8. To serve, dip mold into hot water and turn out on dish.


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