World Jollof Rice Day 2016

By West Africa Cooks, 24 July, 2016

Monday August 22nd is World Jollof Rice Day. Mark the date down in your African diary – August 22nd, use the hashtag #worldjollofriceday; use the hashtag #jollofgate for outraged comments and jokes; use #jollofricematters for social commentary; use #jollofwars for competition between nations on social media. Cook, eat and share jollof all day.

Join The World Today In Celebrating World Jollof Rice Day

Here’s everything you need to get ready for World Jollof Rice Day – 26 funny, interesting and weird facts about this much loved dish; plus lessons on history, culture, controversies, essentials, campaigns, competitions, recipes and more.

  1. Jollof rice is a traditional West African dish served and eaten mainly at parties
  2. #jollofgate is it a conspiracy? Why chef Pay-Me Oliver makes the best jollof rice in the world
  3. What are you doing about today? #jollofricematters. See our suggestions on long lasting projects
  4. West Africans have the best diets in the world. Search on healthiest diets in the world Chad and Sierra Leone top the global table
  5. The Gambians make the best jollof rice, forget Ghanaian vs Nigerian jollof
  6. Jollof Rice by Aftrad Village Kitchen. Cook it like a pro
  7. The first jollof wars #jollofwars took place early this year (2016) in Canada no lives were lost
  8. West African inspired drink Chosan supports World Jollof Rice Day 2016
  9. The first big money prize jollof rice competition in the world was won by the Guyanese cook Victoria Spence in London 2015
  10. You can join the London Taste of Africa and eat jollof and other African chop every month of the year
  11. Steamed Jollof Rice by Lopè Ariyo (Cookbook and Red Magazine £10K winner) | Food Recipe Video
  12. South Africa wine pairs best with jollof rice. Find out why
  13. Cham Cham’s pop up competition by nimsdin
  14. Eatjollof, jollof box and are branded names using the famous dish
  15. My favourite Jollof tales by inspirational cook and author Patti Gyapomaa Sloley
  16. *10 tons of jollof rice will be eaten on World Jollof Rice Day. See rice facts
  17. Jollof rice made with Maggi cube taste awful. Maggi mashes up the taste don't use it
  18. Jollof is a special dish for celebrating weddings and christenings. See recipespantry Sierra Leone African recipe
  19. 340 million people live in West Africa all the people claim jollof as their dish
  20. West Africa Cooks is campaigning to make World Jollof Rice Day a UN International Day
  21. Look for a jollof competition from Zoes Ghana Kitchen catering, pop-ups, streetfood, events and more #ghanabetasty
  22. Jollof Rice Sierra Leone Recipe from Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene
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  24. Enter the UK’s biggest African and Caribbean food competition. £6000 prize pool #FAMFEST16 Visit afrikanfoodhall
  25. Coconut Jollof Rice by cook Dare Onidodo
  26. President Barak Obama cooked jollof rice for British soldiers in London 2011

See How To Make Jollof Rice?

Cooking Jollof Rice and a long line for chop at Jollof Box | both at Africa On The square.

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