By West Africa Cooks, 7 September, 2013

Achomo like doughnut. <strong>So how do you make achomo?</strong> Here is a recipe from the Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes cook book by Pamela Greene it involves using flour, eggs, margarine and nutmeg. It takes under an hour to make and is popular in Sierra Leone, west Africa. Did you know in Ghana Achomo is <strong>Chin Chin</strong>. Enjoy.

Yield amount
Yield units
Preparation time
30 minutes
Cooking time
20 minutes
Total time
50 minutes

How to make Achomo?
1. Sift flour and rub in margarine.
2. Add sugar and salt, nutmeg and distribute evenly.
3. Beat eggs and fold into flour mixture, add essence.
4. Bind into a paste.
5. Roll out on floured board.
6. Cut into small 1" shapes.
7. Fry in deep fat until golden brown.
8. Drain and serve cold.


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Favourite Sierra Leone Recipes by Pamela Greene

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