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African Meetup

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Vegan & Vegetarian African Cooking Class With Lerato | Vegan & Vegetarian African Cooking Class With Lerato | Great Britain |

2019-07-28 14:00:00 Europe/London

Culture Seeds Roadshow - City Hall | Culture Seeds Roadshow - City Hall | Great Britain |

2019-07-09 09:00:00 Europe/London

Africa Writes 2019 | Africa Writes 2019 | Great Britain |

2019-07-05 19:00:00 Europe/London

Open The Gate Festival 2019 | Open The Gate Festival 2019 | Great Britain |

2019-06-08 13:00:00 Europe/London

Enjoy Pop up Africa together | Enjoy Pop up Africa together | Great Britain |

2019-05-27 10:00:00 Europe/London

Upcoming Events With Of An African Nature

Authentic African Cuisine from West, East, Central and Southern Africa and more is listed here.

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Events West Africa Cooks 2019

Explore, experience and enjoy eating African pop-up style food; join and make friends at supper clubs and dinner parties; meetup at African restaurants. A calendar of events awaits for you, your friends and family to attend. An African food @Meetup is about #community. Create your own event. Bring people together with your love for African food, or turn your passion into a business. Hosting is about vibrant collection of live experiences #events #parties and #fun.

Supper Clubs (UK)

Tunbridge Wells based Ghanaian Supper Club
The Groundnut
Also see Edible experiences

Diary Of Event Dates

Festivals, carnivals and celebrations also National and Independent days let us know about your event. Celebrate African cuisine and African Restaurants in the US. African Restaurant Week dates will be included here. Attend, support with your money and then give feedback to African foodie events in 2019.

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