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Enjoy African Coffee With Food And Support Fair Trade

Where can I find and buy African Coffee? The east African regions like Jimma, Ethiopia is where organic forest coffee extensively grows. Fair trade cooperative farmers sell direct to whole sale importers on the international market.

Why fair trade coffee? Fair trade business means you supoort Ethiopian and Kenyan African organic forest farmers by buying fair trade organic African coffee for your needs. Furthermore, for your dinner parties, fair trade is a talking point to impress your guests it can also mean that you know where coffee orginates from i.e East Africa and that you support communties in these countries. It will also mean you support organic farming and maybe the sustainability of agricultural ideas.

Demands for sustainability, conscious living, and social responsibility are on the rise. Also improved working conditions by being fair with fewer toxic chemicals used in production and healthier products can be key benefits for us all.

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Be An African Coffee Connoisseurs

The Americans and British love affair with a cup of coffee continues to grow at a rapid rate. With this growth consumers are becoming more demanding of the coffee they will drink. They also wish to support fair trade and people no longer just want a drink they want a coffee experience, a perfect cup of coffee.

Dining, Dinner Parties And Entertaining Your Guests

We recommend that you be an African coffee connoisseurs and let your friends and family know. Do this by selecting the best African coffee beans, you then have to study the beans' characteristics and then carefully roast them to be sure that the aromas are carefully released.

What Makes A Great Coffee?

  • The beans used
  • Roasting
  • Grinding of the beans (particle size)
  • Optimal extraction time

Top Tip
Fresh roasted coffee has the best flavour. Buy it in small amounts as it will go off within three weeks and lose its taste.

African Coffee And The Beans


There are lots of different types of coffee beans but they essentially fall into these two types for drinking. Arabica beans tend to be sweeter and softer tasting. They have a fruity, winey taste, due to their acidity, and tend to be grown in the Americas. Robusta beans are stronger and harsher, generally with twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans. They're grown in Africa and Indonesia. Robusta beans are more abundant and therefore tend to be used to make most instant coffees. They're also cheaper to buy than Arabica beans.


If you prefer whole, then you'll need to buy a grinder to whittle them down to the perfect size. (Note: do this as close to the brew time as possible for the freshest taste!) A burr or mill grinder is preferable because all of the coffee is ground to a consistent size.


A great option if you're not a regular coffee drinker. Ground coffee is held in one part with the water in the other. As the percolator heats, the filtered coffee drips into the base.

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