Jollof Box An Interview With The Company

By West Africa Cooks, 9 October, 2015

These guys ran out of food at Africa on the square during Black History Month - Saturday 10th October 2015 so they are seriously popular. They claim to be a mother and son duo, where mum cooks and son does everything else Here West Africa cooks talks to the founders of Jollof Box.

Jollof Box An Interview The Question And Answer

How did it all start?
It really started with Mum's cooking, a love of African cuisine and a realisation that there was a opportunity to share that love with the masses in an attractive and appealing way - showcasing the best of what Africa has to offer.

Where are your family from?
We are a mix of Nigerians and Ghanaians so it's all love! 

What African country do you visit the most and why should other people visit that country?
Probably Nigeria and Ghana in terms of the countries we visit the most but I would say that people should visit as many African countries as they can.

Africa is such a beautiful continent with such diversity and richness and it is sad that people do not know more than the commercials they see on has so much to is staggering.

What food do you cook?
Well a Jollof Box will contain beautiful fluffy mouth-watering jollof rice with an option of chicken and or veggie accompaniments and of course some plantain! 

Where can I find your food how do I get to buy Jollof Box?
We pitch up on the fourth Saturday of every month at The Open the Gate African Market which is in Old Spitafields Market.

What's your favourite African dish apart from Jollof rice and other African drinks?
Well if we can't have Jollof then give us Yam! whether its pounded yam or Àmàlà with Egusi or Fufu and Groundnut Soup oh and Muscatella or Supermalt.

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What's your least favourite African dish?
hmm ..Bad's a crime that hurts the soul!

Where would you like to see Jollof Box in the next five years?
The vision is established premises in London and abroad supplemented by growing street food opportunities London.  

How did you come up with the brand name and marketing style?
The brain child of Matthew, our Director but he would say with most things that it was inspired by God and implemented by man.. luckily there were a few people who helped in the creative process.

How did you perfect the tastes of your dish?
It's a secret family recipe which has been passed through generations. Mum holds the key to the secret of our Jollof and she's not sharing... Not even with us! 

What sort of obstacles have you come across whilst trying to realise your dream?
The only real obstacle is the distance of our own imagination, time management and planning...we have heard a few nos  but they have been outnumbered by all the yeses! 

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Any African heroes?
Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah,  Muhammadu Buhari

Any chefs or cooks you look up to?
The Matriarch of Jollof Box...mummy jollof... 

Can you recommend any African cook books?
Gosh,  I only know of the Groundnut Cookbook which is highlighted on your website! 

Do you have a recipe we can share?
Mum just will not allow it...we tried and she gave a look that took me back to when i was child and I made a mess...

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