Briar Hill Dressing

By West Africa Cooks, 14 June, 2016

This is an original recipe of Mr. Arthur Pile, whose family roots are in Barbados. It is good for potato salad or macaroni salad, or it may be used for making a mixed vegetable salad.

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How to make Briar Hill Dressing?
Cut the bacon into fine strips and fry until crisp. Cool in its fat. Mix other ingredients; fold in the bacon and its fat while the fat is still liquid. (If amount of fat seems excessive, it may be diminished or omitted entirely.)

For a good salad, combine:
3 parts cubed, cooked potatoes (or cooked macaroni)
1 part diced crisp cucumber
1 part chopped hard-cooked eggs

Seasonings to taste:
Diced sweet pepper
Paper-thin onion rings
Celery (or celery seed or celery salt)
A whisper of curry powder
Salt, pepper, paprika

Blend in sufficient Briar Hill dressing to moisten. Adjust seasonings to taste. Better if refrigerated several hours before serving with colourful garnishes.


A. Gale

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