A West African Cook Book

By West Africa Cooks, 10 October, 2013

Ellen Gibson Wilson first encountered African food when she married a British man who had lived in Western Africa. "A West African Cook Book: Good Food From Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone" is an excellent cookbook, one of the best African cookbooks ever. By focusing on these four countries Ms. Wilson has produced a wonderful book, probably better than if she had tried to cover the entire continent (as many African cookbooks try to do). It contains not only 150 recipes, but also lots of information about cooking, food, and life which helps put the recipes into a cultural context. It is a pity it has been out of print; it is highly recommended and worth searching for.

Chapters include

"In Praise of Pepper and Other Characteristics of West African Food";
"A Simple Guide to Ingredients";
"Cooking the West African Way";
and "Eating the West African Way".

Recipes are categorized in these chapters

"Classic Main Dishes";
"Classic Staple Dishes";
"Other Main Dishes";
"Other Side Dishes";
"After Chop";
"Small Chop";
"Some Feasts and Rituals".
Many recipes appear in variations from two or more of the four countries featured in this book. The book includes a bibliography of rare African cookbooks and journal articles.


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