African Culinary Scene And Your Ticket Price

By West Africa Cooks, 27 August, 2015

The food and drink scene is constantly evolving with a relentless flow of new trends emerging, and the public embracing even the craziest of foodie fads. Mainly washed down with alcohol. Today this current generation spends more time and money dining out, treating food and drink as more of an experience than simply fuel to get you through the day. As this demand for food and drink experiences increases, so does the opportunity for passionate cooks at home, restaurants and supperclubs. Anyone with an idea to deliver a unique gastronomic experience can launch their own successful food and drink event.

If all this is fact then why do not more of us not support with our money African and Caribbean foodie enterprise? Is it the price holding people back? In my eyes these supperclubs should be sold out as soon as tickets go on sales. Could the biggest barriers you have to success be your ticket price?

Is £35 ($40) For An African Dinner Value For Money And Worth Paying For?

Oh £35 ($40) is a lot of money ohoo for a dinnaar I expect to pay £25 ($20) for chop no more. What am I getting for that? eh hay.. blah blah

I too have had the same reaction to a headline price unconsciously. Well you are not thinking straight when you say that and you must be forgiven. Here is the thing. The meal value you get at McSh**ty, KFCr&p and Pizzahurt is not the same thing you would get when spending your money at an African or Caribbean supperclub or restaurant. You get zero return for your future. Let me repeat ZERO return. Most of us are too greedy for now, or are unconsciousness of our past and do not care about our future to realise that. (Refer to *maslow hierarchy of needs)

Asking people to pay you can be uncomfortable, as you’re essentially putting a value on yourself. Believing in the value of your supperclub is essential if you want to succeed financially. Understand what you’re offering to guests (is it the opportunity to invest in their future community) and don’t be afraid to charge a fair price.

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Dinner Price And Investment Value

Undercutting competitors makes your dinner seem less valuable (and desirable), so don’t always think ‘cheaper is better.’ You are also not thinking straight if you expect a small black business to continue on minimum wages. Let us find out why? Well £35 ($40) for a meal at an African supperclub is more about an investment in your future than the shopping list price of food per head. Do you understand when I say your future not your personal future your children's. A business runs on the support of others. Chefs and cooks will give business to someone in marketing, an accountant, solicitor, waiter, webdesign, PR person and a shop owner. Now times that by 1000 chefs and cooks. Do you get my point employment for your future self is a valuable investment. So let us agree the African lunch, dinner or supperclub is paying for your food and an investment in your long term future; jobs, employment and business empowerment. You're children can see role models and a reason to meet their goals.

If you can afford it go to these events. Attend, support with your money and then give feedback to African and Caribbean businesses in 2016 and beyond. Not all of these individual business will survive but you should consider the collective.

The meal delivered by the big boys is cheaper because they use economies of scale, powerful marketing messages bad food is good food again and again over the years and that big business networking know-how. This maintains control for the privileged same people.

Value In the Long Term

Keep the focus on the long term the next generation. If you think only of yourself go and eat at the fast food joint and get your fix. The owners of fast food will never eat at your table they will never reverse the flow of money your way and you will die. Now if you run an African or Caribbean supperclub you need to tell your story, no you must tell your story so people understand what value you are trying to create.

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Quoting from the past

..and for your future self. Heritage‬, culture and business

So our people not only have to be re-educated to the importance of supporting black business, but the black man himself has to be made aware of the importance of going into business. And once you and I go into business, we own and operate at least the businesses in our community. What we will be doing is developing a situation wherein we will actually be able to create employment for the people in the community. And once you can create some employment in the community where you live it will eliminate the necessity of you and me having to act ignorantly and disgracefully, boycotting and picketing some place else trying to beg him for a job.
Anytime you have to rely upon your enemy for a job you’re in bad shape.

from Malcolm X

So show love for the next generation

African and Caribbean supperclubs equals 100% investment return on your future. KFCr*p, Mcshi&ty and Pizzahurt equals 0%

West Africa Cooks

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*Maslow hierarchy of needs is about human motivations


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