Roast Pepper Chicken

By West Africa Cooks, 25 November, 2013

"Roast" Pepper Chicken. This a tasty meal for you to make, the dish is made from groundnut butter and tomatoe paste. The overall cooking time is 40 minutes for this recipe and is served in countries like Sierra Leone. Enjoy

Yield amount
Yield units
Preparation time
30 minutes
Cooking time
40 minutes
Total time
1 hour, 10 minutes

How to make "Roast" Pepper Chicken?
1. Clean chicken.
2. Joint frying or young local chicken.
3. Squeeze lime and salt over chicken and wash.
4. Squeeze a little more lime and mix groundnut butter, onions and pepper and tomato paste well.
5. Rut this mixture into each piece of chicken and wrap over. Leave to soak for about half and hour.
6. Grease grid iron and arrange chicken on this.
7. Set the coal fire and when glowing well, put grid iron with chicken in. Cover with a large bowl.
8. Grill and check occasionally. Cooking time about half an hour.


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