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By West Africa Cooks, 29 July, 2014

Traditional African Cuisine and Healthy Eating

Almost 500 people across the United States have already participated in the programme which teaches cooking fresh foods based on traditional African cuisine.

African cooking classes have been held in San Francisco, New York and Washington, D.C. So coast to coast.

Mandy Willing, a dietitian and assistant professor at the University of Alabama, and who is also serving as a volunteer instructor for the class, said: "[The course] is designed exactly to show us that the actual African heritage.


Take a look around your neighborhood, your community, your town or city. People are getting bigger, slowing down and losing their health. This is in part to drinking coke yes that soft drink with a hard sell (constant in marketing, branding and adverting) and eating killer foods served and marketed by powerful multinational companies. Make no mistake this is aimed and has the biggest effect on people of African descent.


Fast for one single day, you notice that nearly every other shop on main street sells food and that a large amount of time and money is spent on eating. When you don't eat for lunch during work what do you do with yourself!

Food and drink is everywhere and the food is high in salt and sugar. It's the constant advertising which is the key, on the radio, TV, online, in the sport stadium and selling in the school cafeteria.

Decades of commercials based on psychological study of how we respond to stimuli have been applied to get us eating and drinking more when we do not need to. The facts that ingredients such as beans, greens, rice, grains, vegetables and spices that are common in traditional African dishes are better should be no surprise. Individuals should take more control of their cooking from beginning to end. We need to question, review and press for change in how we feed ourselves. It's the education at the grass roots level that needs to be put in practice to break this addiction to eating junk food and slurping down sugar water and pouring profits into the multinational food and drinks companies.

So someone in making money out of you getting bigger and bigger then more money if you get ill. The rates of obesity, strokes, diabetes, heart disease are growing. For diabetes at over 10%. When there is a growth rate someone is investing funds for a return. So there is a drug for you now and again someone making more money out of you.

Time is now to start getting an education in African food heritage and how we got here in the first place.

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