A Taste Of Ghana In London July 2015

By West Africa Cooks, 22 June, 2015

A fun filled social event with a choice of Ghanaian food as well as music, decorations, display stalls and video/picture shows on the work of Ashanti Development. Bring your own alcoholic beverages. This is a second Taste of Ghana or the second annual raising event fund. Take this opportunity and chance to try Ghanaian cooking from an expert cooking team.

Ashanti Development is a 100 per cent volunteers' charity, set up at the request of Ghanaians living in London who asked their friends and neighbours for help to improve the terrible lives of the people they left in their home villages. It provides remote villages in the Ashanti Region with water and sanitation, healthcare, education and income generating activities.

Trying Ghanaian Food

Now you are wondering whether you will like Ghanaian food. Here is what to expect.

  • Apraprasa, which is corn soup, pepper, palm nut nuts
  • Awiesu which is coconut powder, rice powder, sugar, salt deep fried
  • Nkantenkwen (Groundnut Soup), peanut paste sauce, chicken and rice balls
  • Jollof Rice
  • Plantain fried
  • Ghana chicken (pepper)
  • Watchi (Ghanaian Black-Eyed Peas and Rice) Maybe also spelling wakye or Waakye - rice and beans
  • Rice balls pounded
  • Kenkey fermented corn and cassava dough, wrapped in corn or banana leaves and cooked into a consistent solid paste
  • Tomatoes beef stew
  • Plantain, nuts and sugar treats roasted
  • Abiti made from Plantain

Here is a Ghanaian meal that is traditional and one to ask for.


Red Red is a traditional black eyed bean or red beans pea stew with plantains. The bean stew gets its name from the use of palm oil in its preparation not from the red bean. Red Red contains palm oil, onions, ginger, clove garlic, tomato puree, ripe tomatoes, chopped vegetable, fish or prawn, adzuki beans, black eye peas and scotch bonnet peppers.
So AKWAABA means WELCOME in Ghana. Enjoy...

Time And Location

Saturday 11 July 2015 from 4pm to 7pm
New location

The Tenants' Hall
Underneath Tresham
Lambs Conduit Passage
London WC1R 4RE

not now at

No 10 Foundling Court
Brunswick Centre
London WC1N 1AN

Tickets £10 from:
Event #Ghana or


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