FoodTech Launches An App For African And Caribbean Food

By West Africa Cooks, 21 January, 2017

FoodTech Startup Launches The First Social App For African And Caribbean Food In London

Chopstreets is a Social App for discovering and exploring amazing African and Caribbean Restaurants, Takeaways, Supper Clubs and Pop-Ups in London. Now you can instantly see African food and places recommended by others or share your own dinning experience. When I moved to London, it was difficult finding Nigerian or other African restaurants where I could get African food. I love my Sunday Roast, Fish and Chips, Chicken Tikka Masala and Green Curry, but once in a while, I craved African food and wanted to introduce my friends to it as well!

This led to the birth of Chopstreets in 2014. By late 2015 and 2016, we saw a rise and rise in African Gastronomy in London with Londoners looking to try African food. People turned to our Instagram page @chopstreets for the latest African restaurants, pop-ups and Supper Clubs.

We then decided to work on a Location based app to help Adventurous foodies discover and explore African and Caribbean food. The Chopstreets App will be launched on both Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

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Why Download The App?

App For African And Caribbean: Food, Recipes

  • FREE Free to download! Free to use! Join the Chopstreets Revolution now and let's make African food famous!
  • OFFERS Enjoy fantastic discounts and offers from Chopstreets partners. What's more? It's paperless!
  • SOCIAL Share your pictures, comments and reviews which add up to your Chopstreets Loyalty Points

To know when we launch, please visit

Partner With Chopstreets

If you can cook African or Caribbean food here are five reasons why you should start to partner with Chopstreets.

  1. There is a demand for African heritage, which is not being met by business
  2. Cater to homesick Africans first and second generation living in the United Kingdom
  3. Cater for European foodies new to African food that they wish to discover on their phone
  4. Opportunities exist for African and Caribbean entrepreneurs startups in the food industry
  5. Join an African foodie network with Chopstreets who can help your business grow online

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So if you can cook the following, contact Chopstreets now:

  • West African, Nigerian, Senegalese, Ghanaian, Gambian, Liberian, Sierra Leonean, Ivorian (CΓ΄te d'Ivoire) and Cameroonian
  • South African, Kenyan, Somalian, Ethiopian, Tanzanians, Zambian, Ugandan and Sudanese
  • Caribbean, Jamaican, Barbadians or Bajans, Guyana and Cuban
  • African-American, Soul Food, Cajun, and Creole

Attend African events, support with your money and then give feedback to African and Caribbean foodies.

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Twitter @Chopstreets


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