Great British Bake Off

By West Africa Cooks, 23 October, 2013

Lets face it cooking is sexy and the ladies in the 2013 final have the wow factor.

This year's finalists of the great BBC's Great British Bake Off are attractive, passionate and sexy women, well two of them are very much so.

The Great British strip off.

As they say "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." and if these ladies were in a man’s kitchen the temperature would be rising. The social importance of cooking is never to be under estimated. You gather, prepare and eat. Tension being released only after the first bit. Ruby Tandoh, Kimberley Wilson and Frances Quinn pour over detail, they care. This is attractive. What have these young lady's got? Style is top of the list, charm is second and imagination third; all come from within. When you can deal with the pressures of having to create, be under scrutiny week after week and better your peers you have to be attractive. A woman that can cook is a dream for a man.

Stripped down to the cooking and baking

It's the attention to detail that counts in baking and cooking. For this TV show the camera focusing in on you, your hands, your posture and movement. It's not like the other reality TV shows. Here we get the close up. It's great TV. The end result of all this baking and cooking is a wondrous creation presented to your judge.

Giving and receiving

Receiving praise for you hard work is rewarding. If you love a meal let the cook know.
So you want to wow the taste buds of your judges, customers or family with African cooking, follow the example of these lovely ladies. Here are some recipes for West African baking and here's to the passion rising as well as the cakes.

Rice Bread
Roman Cakes

West Africa Cooks


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