Jollof Rice Competition With Prize Money £1000

By West Africa Cooks, 19 August, 2015

This is the biggest competition in the African domestic cooking scene. You have to enter. With the rise in African music in Afro-beats with the rise in African fashion in hot designs from our heritage we see a rise in African cooking. To inspire a nation and the world, the capital London gets its first ever Jollof rice competition.

Jollof rice is eaten and loved across West Africa and for the very first time this staple food is getting the respect and appreciation it justly deserves. Every West African community believes that they make the best version of the rice dish which originates from Senegal.

We think this rice dish plays a vital role in the large West African community of London so we are delighted to put up £1,000 for this food competition says Sundjata Keita. West Africa Cooks will be one of three judges of this competition. It is free to take part in this competition so email now for your application form.

Important Notice

27th August 2015 : Due to the high level of interest in this competition. The Jollof Rice African Competition will now be a ticketed event.

Invitation are made to participates first. If there are any remaining places a link to eventbrite will be posted here and it will be on a first come basis, once tickets are gone you will be put on awaiting list. If you have requested an application form to participate you will be contacted in the first week of September 2015. This competition is being run by The Afrikan Food Hall. The aims are to tackle the crisis of poor health facing African and Caribbean communities in the UK. The Afrikan Food Hall supermarket is being launched to provide employment and a future for the African and Caribbean communities. Own your own business and spend your money in the community.

Full Programme And Information Below

Information and Terms www.theafrikanfamilyworks

Get More Ideas And Inspiration

It will be great fun and an exciting day. Are you interested? Use twitter #jollof15 and post your dish. Read more about Jollof

Get your application from
The final takes place on Sunday 27 September 2015
Brixton Library, Brixton Oval, London SW2 1JQ

September is now the time to show off your cooking skills so grasp this opportunity to empower yourself; your community and promote African cooking.

West Africa Cooks


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